LPI is a course of study which assists individuals with making a decision as to whether Law is an appropriate career path for them. Often individuals enter a law school only to realise that Law is too challenging for them or that a career in Law is not truly the direction they wish to go, but they would welcome a legal knowledge base. This knowledge could be a useful complement to their eventual chosen careers and used to build their repertoire and encyclopaedic knowledge.

Legal pathway intelligence is designed to expose such persons to practical and theoretical legal knowledge. Students spend one year with ACT School of Law on the LPI programme where they are exposed to: the court process; legal jargon used in everyday life, work and career experiences; protocols in writing legal correspondence for personal and professional uses; methodology of choosing appropriate legal representatives; and the core subjects necessary for continuing legal studies, to know your constitutional rights, understanding policing policies and practice for general knowledge.

ACT School of law ensures that everyone who studies its LPI Programme will pursue a course of study in Public Speaking with its subsidiary, ACT School of Public Speaking. Often law students and graduates of Bar School possess the acumen of a legal career and practice but are very poor at their expression and communication skills. Whether you have one day’s experience or fifty years experience, most professional and members of the public are challenged when it comes to self expression and public speaking. This introductory course, the LPI creatively fills that gap which has been left void over those centuries of legal training. Though it may be addressed as part of the training in most Bar Schools, ACT School of Law LPI programme adds the professionalism and specialisation which has never before been in focus.

At the completion of the programme with ACT School of Law individuals who decide not to pursue a career in Law are able to use their qualification as an accredited course of study at diploma level. Those wishing to continue to a degree level qualification may continue only with our university affiliates.