ACT Realty is a member of ACT Group of Companies. The real estate division of ACT provides a service to its clientele enabling them to achieve the inevitable aspiration of human quest - to own a home, whether it be for their dream home, investment, or an opportunity to commence their climb on the housing ladder.

At ACT Realty we are cognizant that where we live can determine or create an impression of the individual’s status. ACT Reality allows an individual to be the decision maker when it comes to choosing where they want to live and how much they are willing to invest in a property. However, we make available our advice services to individuals where a decision will appear to affect their opportunities in obtaining a home.

The following are the services we provide:

  • Sales (including commercial and property auction sales)
  • Rental (including commercial rental)
  • Finders Service
  • Advice (including legal advice)
  • 100% Mortgage

To further enhance the services we offer, a neighbourhood search of locations is provided giving an insight into the characteristics of the selected neighbourhoods - the typical house type and any information on the financial risk associated with it.

The interest of our clients is first and foremost. We provide a service quality which is unbeatable and unmatched. Our services are flexible and affordable. The skills of our estate representatives, the professionalism of our approach and the teamwork of our personnel, cohesively provide to our clients the first-class service they need.