The Academy provides a very special service in “report writing” through its School of Public Speaking. This is a service which can save corporate executives, individuals and organizations lots of time and unnecessary corporate expenditure. We offer an emergency report writing service that may help you out of a crisis. Our consultants work long hours to prepare and/or deliver reports or presentations in the shortest possible time.

We follow the principles of the great Aristotle as espoused in his book “On the Soul” that “ Spoken words (ta en tiphoni) are the symbols of the affections of the soul, and written words are the symbols of spoken words. Just as all men have not the same writing, so all men have not the same speech sounds but the states of the soul, of which these expressions are the immediate signs (semeia protos: the primary signs) are the same for all [which precisely permits making a science of them], as also are those things of which these states are the images. This matter has, however, been discussed in my treatise about the soul”.

The Academy’s Report Writing and Research Service team consists of professionals who are trained in research and report writing. Our consultants have many years of research and writing experience in a wide variety of related fields. Each consultant has a wide range of skills, abilities, and a broad knowledge of research and writing in specialist fields.

The School of Public Speaking provides a consultancy report-writing service to corporate organizations and conducts seminars and training courses in the subject.