The Academy of Corporate Training conducts a superior mentoring service aimed particularly at Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) that are unable to hire the services of management consultants to assist them with their strategic planning. The thrust of the service is to impart experiences and knowledge to assist SMEs to develop into learning organisations while building a solid foundation for growth. The Academy works with organisations and individuals to identify areas of potential growth and formulate strategies to enhance their competitive advantage.

Following are some of the areas that the Academy explores with individuals and firms:

Strategic fit — working with the organisation/individual to ensure that the firm’s goals and values are consistent with its external environment, with its resources and capabilities, and with its organisation and systems.

Corporate strategy and Business/competitive strategy — assisting firms to define their scope in their industries and markets, advising on diversification, viability of new ventures, resource allocation, etc. and examining how effectively they compete.

Organisational values — examining their sense of identity and purpose, opportunities for employee development and self realisation, working conditions, management styles, autonomy, empowerment work ethics & environmental awareness.

Strategic human resource management — exploring the firm’s ability to manage its human assets to strengthen its capabilities and enhance its corporate and business strategies.

Environmental analysis — analysing the industry, in particular suppliers, competitors and customers, as well as the effect of the macro environmental STEEPLE factors on the firm.

Key success factors — identifying the key areas where the business can sharpen its competitive edge.

Organisational design — examining the firm’s structure and systems to ensure that they facilitate effective coordination, cooperation and control, economies of scale and scope, and organisational learning.

Change management — assisting organisations to effect change and to reduce resistance to change.

Creative management — exploring novel ways of boosting the firm’s competitiveness through creativity and innovation.

Global positioning and internationalization — identifying routes for international market development and exploring the global context in relation to the firm’s resources, skills, capabilities, labour costs, production processes and image.