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The Academy of Corporate Training runs a number of training seminars and courses targeting public, private and voluntary sector organisations, as well as individuals with varied professional portfolios, who are seeking opportunities to enhance their growth, knowledge and personal development. Seminars are usually run over a 1-3 day period, while courses are of 1-3 weeks duration. These programmes are conducted both offsite and in-house in countries across the globe.

The Academy is a trusted resource institution for corporate professional training seminars and academic studies in a number of fields:

• Information Technology • Body Language Education
• Public Speaking • Quality Management
• Teambuilding • Education Management
• Speech-writing • Social Care and Disability
• Management for Results • Cross-Border Customer Relations
• Meeting Management • International Business Etiquette
• Telephone Management Skills • Business Management Training
• Consumer Education • Finance and Budgeting
• Office Politics • Protocol and Diplomacy
• Corporate Motivation • Protocol and Meeting Formality
• Training and Sports Motivation • Quality Management Systems
• Global Corporate Management • Telephone and Receptionist Management
• Leadership • Self Esteem Management
• Change Management • Managing Corporate Stress
• Business Communication • Cross Cultural Relations
• Personal and Professional Development • Presentation Skills
• Motivation • Skills Enhancement.
• Seminar Management