The Academy of Corporate Training customises its training modules and conducts them in-house thus assisting corporate organisations to meet their specific training needs. In addition, we are able to present a full range of seminars and training courses as in-house workshops for private and public sector organisations.

In-house training is an economical and efficient way to train staff. Participants attending in-house training programmes will be given an opportunity to learn alongside their peers and within the organisation's environment and culture. Seminars and training courses may be conducted at times and locations suitable to individual organisations.

The Academy’s training modules are constantly being developed to keep abreast of global changes and developments in a global competitive economy. A successful mentoring program is enshrined in the training framework of the Academy and through which individuals are provided with one-to-one training. This is particularly suitable for senior staff who may need to be brought up to date in specialised areas of their portfolio. Training can be conducted as short term or as ongoing programmes.

Some of the themes of the seminars currently being conducted are as follows:

Personal Development

  • Motivating the Motivator
  • Transitional Management
  • Improving Self Esteem and Assertiveness in the Workplace
  • Managing Stress in the Workplace

Skills Enhancement

  • Telephone Etiquette and Reception Management
  • An introduction to Seminar Management
  • Training the Trainer
  • Improving Sales Presentation Skills
  • Introduction to Public Speaking


  • Protocol and diplomacy
  • Protocol and Meeting Formality


  • Transitional Management in Education

Business Management

  • Creative Management
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • International Enterprise

Information on courses available may be accessed by contacting the Academy.