The Academy of Corporate Training conducts public speaking training, workshops and assignments. Our professionally trained and experienced presenters effectively deliver appropriate themes befitting a wide range of needs.

We work with corporate personnel to identify and plug gaps in their provisions and assist them to improve their work environments, thus impacting positively on their profit margins.

The Academy prides itself as a provider of high intensity training to corporate organisations and individuals who feel the need to enhance their personal development and value to their organisations. We aim to provide a differentiated training to participants, with a motivational outlook. As the Academy develops, it remains true to its original purpose of providing cutting edge training to individuals. Many organisations have taken the opportunity to access this training for their employees.

The competitive advantage of the Academy is derived from a wide network of professionals and specialists spanning several countries, who have excelled in their chosen fields. We work in partnership with individuals and business entities to ensure that the training provided is current and of optimum standards.